The Digital Space Continues To Disrupt The Business World

That word ‘Disrupt’ is appearing more and more, industries that have been flourishing for decades find themselves being shunted aside, and new platforms and businesses are appearing. Uber has been a significant one recently with the Taxi industry, Airbnb is another which is changing how people can directly hire out their property to an international community of customers. Food, travel, finance, health, retail all aspects of business has been impacted by the ‘online revolution’. Recent statistics place 3.5+ billion as being internet enabled, with a further 2 billion expected online by 2017.

If you are seeking something a little different to the generic, tired digital marketing services so often offered locally, if you are a distinctive and go-ahead business we would like to help you take it to a new level – as you can probably tell, we are not your usual internet marketing agency!

It’s A Digital World

A significant aspect of the world being online is that business owners are now needing to re-think how they let people know they exist, what they offer. In every home a smartphone and computer has replaced a phone book and paper directories. Your business is no longer assured of being represented on these publications, even local newspapers are not consulted in the same numbers, in fact most newspapers are moving to an online model.

Television is now digital, this means that for many of us we access the programs we like on our own time  via ‘catch up’ services, or record them ahead of time and then fast forward through the ads. Streaming services that are advertising free  such as Netflix & others have been massively subscribed to.

The once flourishing television advertising industry is now reaching far fewer – it seems obvious that many ‘traditional’ conduits of promotion are now much less effective. 

People’s focus of attention has shifted, the entire way people seek out the services and products they want and need has changed forever. These points may seem ‘obvious’, but there are thousands of businesses which experience difficulty gaining traction in their locations, attracting the right people to do business with them, gaining any results from their social media presence, being able to promote their business website and generate targeted traffic.

Reaching People Effectively

All of this means that new opportunities have arisen, new ways of reaching people and attracting them to do business with you. It is this area that we can help you with:

  • Social Media 
  • Business Website Analysis
  • Optimizing For Local Search
  • Content Creation & Syndication
  • Advertising Campaign Management
  • Video Promotions And Search Result Placement
  • Moving your infrastructure and/or web site to a high speed cloud service such as AWS

There are multiple ways we can improve the outcomes for your business, and help you to integrate your business with the increasingly digital world, and the digital economy.

Contact me on 0449 061 345 or set up a 30 minute consultation and we can discuss the best way forward for you. We are not a ‘Web Design’ outfit, although we can certainly help you out with a site if you need one, we are more interested in the mechanics of business promotions online, in the spectacular results that are possible. Call me for a refreshing change to your digital campaigns.

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