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We develop & manage Websites & Mobile Apps. We work with Digital Media, we are unconventional and versatile.

I have noticed that the modern ‘Digital Age’ has made it easier for lots of businesses to promote themselves-however for many people it has also presented a puzzle, and they wind up spending too much time trying to fathom how to best use the new tools. This is where I can help!

Register your interest (Contact form below) where we can determine the most effective build, details and management of your site to gain maximum return on your investment.

Building the foundations of your on-line presence is the crucial step. We do not concern ourselves with industry hype – we are all about practical approaches which work for you.

We give you the complete package of services for building, managing and promoting your business on today’s powerful digital media.

  • Are you seeking a total solution for your business website, fully managed, secured, backed up and edited on your instructions?
  • We talk your language – we can mix it with the most technical circles, but we prefer to speak in plain English!
  • Do you need advice, assistance & services that actually work?
  • We provide service levels that vastly exceed anything you will find with generic digital agencies.
  • Super Fast Hosting! We provide global coverage so that your website is physically located in your country, critical for SEO and performance.
  • All aspects of DIGITAL MEDIA

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Social Media has been described as being ‘The current state of the Internet’ by online pundits – billions of people representing multiple market areas are present daily** on interactive platforms, this represents a promotional opportunity of unprecedented scale.

If you have never considered the advertising potential which the major social media platforms offer, now is the time. 

The opportunity of social media: 

  • Targeting your customers based on parameters which are not possible to use on other media, providing you with remarkable reach!
  • Re-targeting people in their online browsing experience – very powerful!
  • Building rich relationship opportunities in real time, taking ‘customer Relationship’ building to new levels of sophistication.
  • Brand Building on a grand scale – solve the social media puzzle

Video is the most powerful media type for online, it continues to dominate.

We provide comprehensive services for producing presentations for your business.

We are able to help you by targeting video to precise geographic locations, and making sure the right people actually get to see your videos. This is in fact a lot more valuable than random ‘viral’ traffic for business promotions – where you want to reach specific types of people, not the entire internet, right?

YouTube & Google are critically linked, and we work with both to help you leverage the best outcomes from digital promotions. Through using ‘Livecasting’ and our powerful targeting skills we can present your video to precisely your location, and types of people!

We put in the detailed analysis which produces the results, while others simply offer you generic templates and technical waffle.

Website & App Builds

A Functioning ‘Mobile Optimized’ Website 

The ‘digital headquarters’ of your business should be working 24/7 to build interest, provide information, enable your visitors to easily engage with your business.

We have moved on a long way from the early ideas of website design, back in the early 2000’s ‘graphic artists’ tended to call the shots, but now concepts of ‘UX’ or user experience, and the arrival of sophisticated content management approaches, and of course ‘mobile apps‘ have completely changed the online environment.

Your website should solve the problem of presenting your business to a targeted group or community – after 20 years of development the nature of websites have evolved to the point where they have become digital hubs, not simply ‘electronic bill-boards’.

Mobile Traffic Has Exploded

Why ‘Mobile Optimized‘? The enormous uptake* of mobile device usage has shifted the emphasis on search and browsing towards mobile traffic.

To gain the maximum benefit on your digital efforts it makes excellent sense to ensure mobile visitors can use your business website.

Apps can make a massive difference, a nicely set out mobile experience of your business site – Apps for mobile.

Running a website, or mobile app is now a sophisticated management task, we are here to deliver the solutions for serious business owners who are often time poor & require specialized attention to their specific needs digitally.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO refers to a set of technical and publication standards, to an approach of building Websites, Video & Articles, ensuring the digital publication performs strongly in ‘keyword’ related search, and perhaps even more significantly, gains Syndication across multiple digital channels. This translates into the practical result of your website being highly visible, to the right people.

3 Months Should See Results Emerging

This should result in your website, video or article gaining exposure and visibility, because the people who are most interested in your content actually get to see it.

The nature of SEO has changed dramatically over the past 5 years and more so over the past 18 months – now SEO is more like a set of publication standards, rather than being a reaction to search algorithms; much of the SEO wisdom from earlier times is now redundant, but many providers have not kept pace.

There is a lot of argument about SEO, and many people claim expertise – results are always the measure of services, if you are not gaining any improvements within 3 months we always suggest moving to a different provider. Talk is cheap, results speak!

Public Relations For The Digital Environment

SEO can be considered as a form of ‘public relations’, the means by which your business gains targeted visibility. In essence it is the ‘fine tuning’ of digital publication, the means by which that content is positioned on the digital environment.

The issue of local as opposed to national & international reach is critical for optimizing. 


Paid Traffic Solutions

The ‘organic’ traffic gained from effective ‘SEO’ can be a long term project, it is never instant; it takes time to build ranking and syndication. This is often not fully appreciated.

Many businesses also look to ‘pay per click’ and paid advertising platforms, Google Adwords, Social Media site advertising for example to gain relevant traffic quickly. Facebook is in fact the most powerful, economically valuable medium currently in use.

Contact us to discuss paid traffic solutions.

Some Of Our Website Projects For Clients

As an indication of the range of sites we develop for different clients, this portfolio could give you some ideas for your own site.

The style and type of site is not limited to these examples, these examples are a small sampling.

We look after each requirement for publishing your site,

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Hosting – Fast, Secure
  • Development
  • Management – Comprehensive
  • SEO
  • Content & Writing Services

The quality and range of our services are what distinguishes us from the run-of-the-mill service providers. We are exclusive & different.

*According to multiple statistic sources global mobile usage is pegged to reach 4.77 billion in 2017 

Web Star Services - Site Build Customers

Some Typical Sites

Health & Wellness
New Life Recovery are one of our Health Industry clients - we assist Dentists, Doctors, Chiropractors, Massuers, And all kinds of health professions!
Softball eCommerce
Niche eCommerce site - typical of our eCommerce customers
Telecommunications - PeachTree
International customers love how we can speedily build their projects and understand their business-our team is flexible and widely skilled
Western Real Estate
Real Estate clients are among the professional range of business types we cater for-we focus on understanding the unique conditions of your market!

Social Media

Facebook has become the default platform for most social media users

What Is The Business Side Of Social Media?

Social media is the slang expression for ‘the current state of the Internet’.

So what does that mean really?

We think it means that the vast bulk of people out there in ‘Internet land’ regard social media platforms as being their default locations, and as such we can reach a considerable range of markets on them.

This quote is from Gary Vaynerchuk, a well-known digital entrepreneur and speaker from the United States, if you do not know Gary we definitely recommend looking him up, he is brilliant & highly successful.


This equates to billions of people* all being present on these sites (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and so on), using the platforms, interacting, participating and gaining information about what is ‘going on’ (a vast range of topics), discussing and evaluating businesses as a natural part of this, recommending your business or services to the people they encounter in relevant user groups, forums, discussion threads.

We think that there is a lot of confusion and uncertainty regarding just how to go about presenting yourself, and gaining the maximum benefit from your business social media accounts – there is an awful lot of ‘generic’ information which can add to the confusion. 

Essentially it is the ‘interactive’ dimension of social media, the real time two-way aspect that clearly separates it from all previous mass media.

This might seem obvious, but many businesses are experiencing difficulty making their social media efforts work; we can help.

We offer the means for you to begin seeing genuine results from your social media efforts, we can help you with:

  • Building rapport naturally, moving away from ‘blasting sales messages’ which so many businesses seem to get stuck on
  • Customer relationship strategies, using social media to actively build your brand without seeming pushy or obvious.
  • Setting up powerful promotional campaigns, taking advantage of the powerful tools for targeting specific demographics & locations
  • We manage campaigns
  • Setting up crafted ‘funnels’ to direct social media traffic to your presentations and sales processes – this makes a lot of difference

The approach to using social media will depend on your objectives, accordingly which social media platform is going to offer you the best outcomes will be the first step in building your social media program. We mainly work with:






There are specific benefits to using particular social media accounts, according to which segments of the market you wish to reach.

Being flexible, and using the right kinds of content, you can potentially build a powerful marketing presence, without seeming to.

In essence we have two different dimensions to using social media:

  1. The interactive potential for relationship building, customer support, real time opportunities, research & surveys, evaluations of response.
  2. The promotional opportunities derived from the advertising platforms built into specific social media sites, uniquely powerful & specific – reach huge numbers of precisely identified people.

We clearly separate these two dimensions, and build our social media marketing from them. We have a unique and non-generic approach, so many digital agencies adopt a one-size-fits-all template driven methodology; we do not.

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*  Social Media Global Statistics & Advertising Figures



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