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The Digital Space Continues To Disrupt The Business World

That word ‘Disrupt’ is appearing more and more, industries that have been flourishing for decades find themselves being shunted aside, and new platforms and businesses are appearing.

Uber has been a significant one recently with the Taxi industry, Airbnb is another which is changing how people can directly hire out their property to an international community of customers. Food, travel, finance, health, retail all aspects of business has been impacted by the ‘online revolution’. Recent statistics place 3.5+ billion as being internet enabled, with a further 2 billion expected online by 2017.* That is pretty much the entire world.

 It’s A Digital World


A significant aspect of the world being ‘online’ is that business owners now need to re-think how they let people know about them and what you offer.

In every home a smartphone and computer has replaced a phone book and paper directories & newspapers. Your business can no longer depend on these media, times have changed.

Television is now digital, this means that for many of us we access the programs we like via ‘catch up’ services, or we record them ahead of time and then fast forward through the ads! Streaming services that are advertising free  such as Netflix & others have been massively subscribed to.

The once flourishing television advertising industry is now reaching far fewer – it seems obvious that many ‘traditional’ conduits of promotion are now much less effective. Even local leaflet drops are not as effective! 

People’s focus of attention has shifted, the ways people seek out the services and products they want and need has changed forever.

These points may seem ‘obvious’, but there are thousands of businesses which experience difficulty using digital approaches. Really it’s all about regarding being online as an ‘Asset’, a way to enhance your marketing.

Many businesses get ZERO results from their websites, Facebook pages et al and are confused with what to do about it, how to go about actually gaining the benefit of being online. Small adjustments & consistent management can produce large results. 

Examples Of How We Can Help You Further

 new opportunities have arisen, new ways of reaching people and attracting them to do business with you. Areas We Work With Include:

  • Social Media – Everywhere there is ‘generic’ advice, even from the government, how about real world practical approaches which translate into more customers and positive engagement?
  • Business Website Analysis– I can show you why your website gets little response, we can get your site seen by the right people without great expense – Data Science comes to the rescue.
  • Optimizing For Local Search – You are ‘toast’ if you can’t be found by the right people, if you are invisible, come into the light with effective optimization
  • Content Creation & SyndicationInbound Marketing – Build syndication with valuable content, enhance the power of relevant links to your site – build search rank while reaching your market!
  • Advertising Campaign Management – Facebook is the most powerful ppc platform currently available, but the other social media platforms also offer reach and conversion opportunities – Adwords & Social Media Advertising Management.
  • Video Promotions And Search Result Placement – Disrupt T.V advertising by being seen by your actual market  – geographic video targeting & promotions.
  • Moving your infrastructure to a high speed cloud service – Discover the power of ‘Cloud Computing’ – Gain The Advantage. See more details.
  • Derive The Benefit Of Our Experience – Digital Advice & Consultation
  • The Keyword Really Is: Flexibility these days, we cannot depend on one or two strategies any longer, the digital world provides us with many channels & media on which to promote and communicate with our markets – wherever the people are, we need to meet & talk with them-you know it makes sense! 



There are multiple ways we can improve the outcomes for your business, to integrate your business with the increasingly digital world, and the digital economy.

Contact me on 0449 061 345 or set up a 30 minute consultation   No business is ‘generic’, we tailor solutions to your specific business.


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