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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some typical questions I have been asked over the years – if you have more questions simply contact us.

Most web design shops and digital marketing agencies are run by design oriented hipsters on fancy Mac computers with their only objectives being advertising awards, respect from other agencies and “cutesy designs”. – Sam Ovens 2015

The above quote is from an industry success, I tend to agree with him on this point, there are too many glossy agencies who do not know what they are doing, and they don’t seem to care about the tangible results of their clients, only their own status and image. I need to emphasize that we are definitely not of this type of agency.

We are wildly concerned with your outcomes, not industry awards or our ‘cool’ designs!

Regarding Website & Mobile App Builds:

How do you arrive at the best design for my website, can I tell you what I want ?

We give you a detailed proposal once we have evaluated the results you are seeking with your new-or re-designed Website or Mobile App.

We are able to provide a variety of design & functional options. We absolutely follow your wishes – this is a collaboration.

We can provide any type of ‘look’ you want, if you give us some examples of the types of sites/apps you like.

We focus on business benefits, not trendy features, your website must provide a meaningful return on your investment-it must work for you in a meaningful and directly tangible way!

“What about Hosting, can you provide high speed web hosting?”

In a word ‘YES’ – we can arrange for your site to be hosted on some of the fastest most advanced website hosting frameworks currently available. Fast, efficient and secure hosting is the most important aspect of your website-if that is not the best it can be, your business will suffer. We use Amazon AWS based hosting, this has a global distribution and some of the most sophisticated cloud technologies currently available.

What happens once my website is published, do you provide management services and editing?”

Once we publish your website to the web we provide a 1 month ‘bedding in’ period where any changes, tweaks or content uploads can be provided as a part of the investment, this is a default level service. Our management services offer you something quite different.

We offer ongoing management services, backups, security and content upload services, Optimizations based on a monthly schedule. We will be your first point of contact for anything concerned with your website, we totally manage your site if you select our ongoing care packages.

Can you build a Mobile App for my business“?

YES – We build customized mobile apps, with a range of features and options – your app is built with the same diligence and skill as our websites!

How long before my website shows up on Google and reaches first page for our business keyword”?

Engineers working at Google are unable to precisely predict when websites will gain favorable position once they are published. If anyone tells you they can put your website on ‘page 1’ for your business area in a short time I suggest you are placing your business at grave risk, and you will be deceived. 

We offer optimization and content production services which will dramatically influence the standing of your website. Syndication refers to the widespread visibility of your website to your market. I make the promise of vast improvement in traffic, and quality of traffic if you place your trust in our services.

We typically find that good search results can begin to manifest for a brand new website within 3 months with our ‘Search Engine Optimization’ programs.  The ranking and position can be improved and maintained with consistent ‘SEO’ efforts, SEO is not a ‘set and forget’ matter it requires consistent management.

Can you help me with ‘Social Media’-I notice some businesses doing really well with it, I just can’t seem to make anything work?”

Social Media presents lots of problems for many business owners-there is a lot of generic and quite frankly weak advice doing the rounds, plus everyone seems to have their take on how best to approach using these social media resources! I always approach social media in the most practical ways. The tools now available on Facebook alone present us with a massive opportunity to reach our people – I and my team can certainly offer you clarity and approaches that will work for your specific business needs.

Can you provide writing and content production for Websites & Apps?”

Yes, we offer professional writing for web copy, articles, presentations. Additionally we can produce videos, graphics, logo creation, Audio presentations (Podcast content) – if you have a specific requirement just ask, if we can’t help directly we can often give you access to inside services which are not easily accessed by the public.

“Why Should I Choose You Over All The Other Services Available?”

The BIG question! Of course it is true that there are many options available for you these days. It seems there are miracle workers and genius level ‘hackers’ who offer their services locally, and internationally.  It depends what you are seeking to achieve, if you want a highly practical, effective and comprehensive set of digital services that can truly help you to gain tangible results for your legitimate business, we can help you.

The proof of the pudding is always in the eating, I think the best way forward is to commence talking, it is only by exchanging information that we can genuinely tell if would be a good fit for your business. Rather than bombard you with all kinds of clever sales tactics, I prefer to speak with you, I’m sorry if that is too honest, or simple-it is how I work.





A Digital Services Agency

Our ‘reason for being’ is to help people use digital resources and tools to promote and communicate their business to specific people out there.

web star digital services
Mike Gorman – Web Consultant


This simple brief translates into offering core service areas:

  • Website & App Development – Inclusive of ongoing management, backups, security, content uploads
  • Cloud Hosting – Amazon AWS, super fast premium quality
  • Social Media Help & Campaign Management
  • Digital Media ‘Syndication’ & Distribution
  • Consultant Services – Which means offering truly educated advice and suggestions for moving forward

The emergence of the global internet has resulted in many significant social, political & economic changes-the past 20 years have seen massive change in our world

We quite simply offer genuine, effective services to help people use the powerful media and resources that are available to us all in these times.

We are not in any sense ‘generic’. Our services tend to match those people who clearly understand the importance of focusing on building an effective digital presence to enhance their business growth, and who appreciate exclusive attention to their specific case.

It all begins with a simple conversation.