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Those Frequently Asked Questions!

I love working with people on projects that make a huge difference to their lives. I love working with digital tools and applying creative methods-this is a unique industry which allows us to use both sides of the brain!

Here are some typical questions I have been asked over the years – if you have more questions please feel free to give me a shout, I am always interested in new projects!

Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding Website & Mobile App Builds:

“How do you arrive at the best design for my website, can I tell you what I want ?”

We give you a detailed proposal once we have evaluated the results you are seeking with your new website or Mobile App.

We are able to provide a variety of design & functional options. We absolutely follow your wishes – this is a collaboration.

A ‘wireframe’ is produced prior to the full build which enables us to see the layout and features of the site and arrive at the optimum result.

We can provide any type of ‘look’ you want, if you give us some examples of the types of sites/apps you like.

“What about Hosting, can you provide high speed web hosting?”

In a word ‘YES’ – we can arrange for your site to be hosted on some of the fastest most advanced website hosting frameworks currently available. Once we have agreed to build your site we will provide a range of options best suited to your purpose.

“What happens once my website is published, do you provide management services and editing?”

Once we publish your website to the web we provide a 1 month ‘bedding in’ period where any changes, tweaks or content uploads can be provided as a part of the investment.

We also offer ongoing management services, backups, security and content upload services based on a monthly schedule if you select our services.

“Can you build a Mobile App for my business”?

YES – We build customized mobile apps, with a range of features and options – your app is built with the same diligence and skill as our websites!

“How long before my website shows up on Google and reaches first page for our business keyword”?

Engineers working at Google are unable to precisely predict when websites will gain favorable position once they are published.

We offer optimization and content production services which will dramatically influence the standing of your website.

Depending on the nature of search terms and browsing habits for your business area, this will determine the rate of ‘syndication’  for your website.

We typically find that good search results can begin to manifest for a brand new website within 3 months with our ‘Search Engine Optimization’ programs.  The ranking and position can be improved and maintained with consistent ‘SEO’ efforts, SEO is not a ‘set and forget’ matter it requires consistent management.

“What happens if I want to add some features to the website while you’re building it?”

If you request a feature which is additional to the original agreement we will probably seek the reason you have for this, and if it is agreed will provide a true benefit we will oblige. However we prefer to deliver on the original specifications in a timely manner! It may be more appropriate to schedule an upgrade agreement if the feature is a significant one.

Can you provide writing and content production for Websites & Apps?”

Yes, we offer professional writing for web copy, articles, presentations. Additionally we can produce videos, graphics, logo creation, Audio presentations (Podcast content) – if you have a specific requirement just ask, if we can’t help directly we can often give you access to inside services which are not easily accessed by the public.

“Do you work with ‘The Cloud’ and can you help with cloud projects”?

We work with Amazon AWS, we can provide management and development services for any IT/Web project-large or small projects. Just ask about Cloud services.





A Digital Services Agency

Michael Gorman is the founder of this modern digital agency. The objectives of Web Star Services are to provide the most effective and valuable digital skills for specific professional areas. We work with legitimate businesses, however if you are seeking ‘Affiliate’ type sites you would be better served going to one of the freelance market sites such as ‘Fiverr’.

This simple brief translates into offering core service areas:

  • Website & App Development – Inclusive of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Cloud Projects – Amazon AWS
  • Social Media Promotions
  • Digital media productions – Video & Audio
  • Consultant services – Analysis & Advice

The emergence of our global network has resulted in many significant social, political & economic changes. We offer the professional business person the means to build the most visible, meaningful and effective digital presence for their objectives. We provide expert advice based on genuine experience spanning 20 years in the industry.

We are not in any sense ‘generic’. Our services tend to match those people who clearly understand the importance of focusing on building an effective digital profile, and who appreciate exclusive attention to their specific case.

It all begins with a simple conversation.