Adblocking And Content Marketing

The Best Answer To Adblocking Is High Quality Content Syndication

There has been a lot of talk about ‘Ad-Blocking’ and the tendency of digital consumers to reject content that is filled with ‘click-bait’ and overt 20th Century style advertising.

This is part of the clash I speak about concerning approaches to digital promotion, the phenomenon of the Digital Consumer, the way we can use Social Media, Blogging, SEO and other digital methods to gain sales, and build our visibility online & not have to worry too much about Adblocking!

Adblocking perplexes much of the advertising and marketing industry. In Australia many of the agencies currently offering their services still have not assimilated ‘Digital’ very successfully into their operations – there is an inertia of thinking, a lagging behind. Let’s take a look at this ‘Digital Consumer’ idea for a minute, we can gain some useful data and understand what is happening if we can see what is occurring at the grass-roots level.

All Age Groups Are Digital These Days!

We are not simply talking about a specific age group here, the digital consumer can be just about any age, but they are aware of the options open to them. The digital consumer seeks the best deals, explores the background of businesses, determines if they want to spend their money to gain what they want from your business – or quite a different provider.

The combined effect of people having such a rich access to information, and so many opportunities of discovering alternatives through their devices connected to the internet is now beginning to have real consequences for business owners. Whereas in previous times you simply needed to advertise your products or services locally, and people would respond – they now have many more options.

The proliferation of sales opportunities and the related growth of delivery organizations, logistics services able to deliver anything across the globe in a timely manner, means that many people now shop nationally & internationally gaining the best prices; they also seek out the goods and services which match their personal preferences, ways of thinking, politics, awareness of issues. The digital consumer is empowered to source whatever they want and need-  if your business is not matching their expectations, they can go elsewhere very easily indeed!

The Digital Consumer

We need to study this ‘Digital Consumer’ because this is the emerging trend, the mode of living we are all arriving at. This is no ‘fad’ it is the transition of our society into new ways of behaving.

So, sure banner and T.V style advertising is now being blocked on websites. People choose to not be exposed to this, they do not like it! 

This does not mean we can’t make people aware of our business, in fact we have a powerful opportunity to refine our advertising into different formats. This is the big opportunity with social media which so many Australian businesses are having problems understanding. Adblocking does not affect social media posts, or content. Our videos and articles are not ‘advertising’ – so we have a huge opportunity here to to re-design our approaches, to gain the arbitrage of content marketing while so many of our competitors are scratching their heads, wondering how they can get their adverts seen!

Do you see the huge power of blogging, video and social media in this environment? Adblocking only affects advertising networks and overt 20th Century style advertising; CONTENT is the big opportunity to make sales to targeted groups online through the very media platforms they all use each day.

Our content marketing clients, web clients and SEO clients are positioned to reap the rewards of this digital goldmine. While those  who don’t understand ‘Digital’ whine and complain about ‘Adblocking’ your customers are responding to your videos, social media posts, branding messages through blog posts and audio, social media campaigns, they are being directed to your presentations – if you can generate high quality content there is no need to worry about ‘Adblocking’ because your content is not being blocked; this shift of focus is where the path to successfully operating online actually emerges.

*Sales funnels set up to direct traffic from social media campaigns are not being blocked!