Australian Business Late To The Digital Marketing Party

Digital Trends In Australia Are Shifting The Business Game

Aussie Business Owners Just Have Not Grasped The Importance Of Digital Marketing Yet

This survey was conducted back in 2013 – during the intervening 3 years not a lot has changed, but we can see that more business owners are discovering they are being out classed by their more digitally aware  competitors.

“Over the last few months, we’ve interviewed and surveyed more than 350 small businesses for the 2013 Optimising Small Business Online Marketing Report. We’ve spoken to people across the country, from every major industry and in every major region, with some pretty compelling results.

The most notable finding is that Australians do not have a strong grasp of online marketing. We clearly all want to be online, we just haven’t realised that having such a large portion of our population online, we can reach them to make more money.

This is a wake up call to all of you Australian small businesses because you’re actually being left behind when it comes to reaching customers through online marketing.

Here are some key findings:

  • More than 50 per cent of respondents had not performed search engine optimisation (SEO) on their website, or even audited it for search engine rank effectiveness.
  • Of the respondents who had performed SEO, 53 per cent didn’t know what amount of their traffic was attributable to their SEO efforts -which is staggering if you consider a recent Google study which found 73 per cent of searchers use search to find out where products are sold, 72 per cent use search to make price comparisons and 63 per cent use it to find promotional offers.
  • Social media has had the largest increase of all marketing forms with 73 per cent of respondents having used Facebook for branding and sales (But how effectively?)
  • A recent Google study found that 79 per cent of smartphone users use their smartphone before, and during purchase decisions yet 45 per cent of our survey respondents don’t have a mobile-friendly website.

This survey was very interesting – especially when compared with similar surveys conducted in the U.K & U.S.A where business owners are significantly more engaged with digital approaches as a percentage of their promotions spend.

It seems clear that many Australian business owners are beginning to get the message, but perhaps are also vulnerable to unscrupulous digital services providers who capitalize on their relative ‘Digital Virginity’.