The Coming Disruption Of Australian Business

There is lots of talk about ‘digital disruption’, but what does it look like in Australia?

Drivers Of Digital Disruption

We have all been made aware in recent years by the emergence of digital culture, new technical solutions, transactional changes, mobile device uptake, disruption of traditional businesses by completely new players. This has been developing for at least the past 20 years, but it is more keenly evident over the past 5 years when all of the ‘talk’ suddenly seems to have materialized into cold reality.

The cloud, and all of the changes Australia is currently experiencing, the transformation of established industry is accelerating; matters are becoming crucial because the vast majority of Australian business has been coasting along and ignoring the signs to a large extent. But now the times have ripened and people are being tangibly impacted.

The big differences with ‘digital’ is that new ideas and concepts can now be very quickly deployed, tested with real customers and then tweaked and improved – the ability to use flexible tools, all of this drives disruption.

EQ Much More Than A Buzz-Word

Emotional Intelligence has now become a favored skill-set. Technology and digital culture have completely changed the approaches to customers, we are all seeking to be treated as unique cases, not just another number, another consuming unit. Digital culture enables a business to finely tune its presentation, to build exclusivity into its marketing so that granular characteristics of social groups can be tailored for.

However, for many of the established businesses, what Deloitte have termed  long & short fuse disruption potentials, boards and senior executives tend to view the solutions as being primarily technology issues, when in fact it is more about the ways in which customers can be interacted with and the nimble responses to changes in the market; certainly technology is an aspect of this, but not the true emphasis.

This is where ‘EQ’ enters the arena. What for many has been just another marketing and HR buzz-word, EQ has emerged as being an extremely valuable business skill set!

Long & Short Fuse Disruption Candidates

The obvious growth of all kinds of social media has created an environment where real-time interaction and two way communication has completely changed how people approach and ‘do’ business. I don’t think many of the Australian business community truly grasped this during the shift, and this has continued to the present day. We see all kinds of awkward attempts, from hiring ‘Millennials’ to try and build customer rapport, to blasting messages 20th Century style.

It is very clear that Australian business will continue to experience disruption, in the short term:

  • Retail
  • Utility & Technical Services
  • Professional & Personal Services
  • Media
  • Real Estate
  • The Arts

will see digital culture impacting, driving and shaping new business solutions and approaches. We have all seen very powerfully how mainstream media has been massively disrupted by social media with the huge outcomes internationally of ‘Brexit’ & Trump’s juggernaut. ‘Uber‘ and AirBnB speak for themselves.

The longer term outcomes affecting the public sector, banking, transport, manufacturing, medical care will take more time to play out, but you can be certain that the digital revolution will see us living in a vastly different world by the end of this decade. Will you be ready to respond, to have the flexibility to adopt new ways of thinking? The writing is on the walls, 2020 is not very far away, digital disruption waits for nobody – digital media is cheaper, powerful and flexible but the digital culture which has arisen enables disruption to occur. The field really is wide open.


The Best Opportunity For Business Now Available

The Most Powerful Cloud Resources

Cloud computing has become the primary engine driving IT as a service. With cloud computing, you don’t need to make large upfront investments in hardware and spend a lot of time managing that hardware.

Instead, you can provision exactly the right type and size of computing resources you need to power your newest bright idea or operate your IT department.

As the cloud has become mainstream and adoption has garnered momentum, you have access to state-of -the-art technology at a fraction of the cost and with greater speed than ever before.

From Amazon White Paper

Everyone is talking about ‘The Cloud’ these days, and no doubt you are at least familiar with the basic concept of utilizing the enormous back-end resources of internet giant companies instead of needing to invest in your own ‘server farms’.

This is the idea, to move all of your IT & web processes away from your premises and develop them on powerful tools online-this means you can save a lot of money and still derive the benefits of extensive application and computing power. To me there is only one global player in this space worth considering and this is Amazon AWS.

Different Players In The Cloud Resourcing Game

Yes, Microsoft has entered the game and provides some similar resources, but the scale and economy of AWS cannot be matched. So let’s take a look at what has been happening lately, and what kind of technical developments are possible using this massively powerful resource.

Amazon AWS opened for business in 2006 after up-scaling their own infrastructure and building for the future – it was understood that a lot of these resources could be offered to other businesses as a service, the CIA took them up on this to the tune of $600 Million – the U.S Navy also saw the cost benefits of outsourcing their military global applications, but there have been a lot of world famous brands who have also taken up this 21st Century opportunity. If you are interested in some case studies of business projects Amazon AWS have this available-read at your leisure

But this resource is not just for giant corporate brands and massive government projects-it can be used to scale much smaller entities and many have derived the modern benefits of using AWS. The possibilities are becoming more well known, but there are still hundreds of thousands of businesses that have absolutely no idea of what a resource such as Amazon AWS can do for them.


OK the primary benefit of using cloud based services on AWS is the sheer agility of these services, and not needing to pay for what you do not use. The services are globally ubiquitous and uniform, so you can deploy and build the same services all over the world. You can test and try new things without needing to invest in expensive hardware. This agility of deployment means that applications can be delivered to customers and tweaked on the fly, not to mention the global scale and delivery scope.

When I speak with clients about these ‘cloud’ services their perceptions are often coloured by preconceptions, and perhaps what they may have read about some of the other services out there, Microsoft in particular, but Amazon AWS vastly eclipses what Microsoft can provide, and for this reason we deal exclusively with the Amazon services. Here is a video that explains some these potential applications, and ways of leveraging these versatile, uniquely powerful web-based resources.

If you have any questions regarding how your business can utilize this amazing resource, and how Web Star Services can manage and deploy them for you, completely manage this for your business, simply let me know – this is truly 21st Century IT, going way beyond what server investment can possibly deliver, and giving you an advantage that can change your business destiny out of all recognition; we know Amazon AWS and we build solutions for all kinds of clients – from all over the world. Contact me directly to discuss options.