Just What Is Digital Marketing In 2017?

Digital Marketing Is Expanding Here In Australia

Breaking Down Just What Is Meant By ‘Digital Marketing’

Australia, we are a truly unique country. Our history is somewhat similar to that of the USA, in that we are a ‘break away’ culture from the old U.K & European civilization; the obvious difference being that Australia was deliberately used as a penal solution, and it took a rather different course than that of the republic alternative America became, Australia retained a stronger link to the origins of the U.K.

Perhaps it is the vast distance involved, Australia is obviously a long way from both the U.K & the USA – but the really big changes that occur in the northern hemisphere take a bit longer to reach us, and for new ideas and technologies to be accepted and implemented.

Sure we have our own ideas, lots of talented and capable people, but all too often this pool of ‘native talent’ has to leave these shores to gain any traction. We then take notice of them when they return, in the form of new businesses and enterprises, and in the form of new technical solutions developed overseas! 

The IT revolution which began to really take off in the mid 1990’s in Australian corporate circles, also seems to take a bit longer to respond to new developments. I think as Australians we just come to expect that we tend to lag behind the rest of the world in some areas. 

So it has been with the ‘Digital revolution’ which is playing out across the business and commercial world of the USA, UK & Europe (also Russia & China, Japan). Australia has taken much longer to recognize just what is occurring, we are participating, and there is activity and development taking place here – just not at the same scale, nor indeed with the same enthusiasm.

24 Million people, compared with the 365 Million in America, or the 65 Million in the U.K, the 743 Million of Europe, and so on. We have this hard reality of being a much smaller market. However there is a lot of business in Australia which deals internationally, and sells into much larger markets, digital marketing is a vital area.

The broadcast model of mass-media is one that our global society became very familiar with during the 20th Century, with the development of Radio & Television and the proliferation of published text with Newspapers and Magazines.

Digital media is very clearly different, it has a two-way, interactive dynamic, this simple difference is what makes ‘Digital Marketing’ a very different animal to that of previous forms based on the broadcast dynamic.

The very first and most significant means for publishing on the global network was of course ‘Websites’. However, since the earliest appearances of published sites there has been a steady development, and today websites are substantially different to how they started out 20 years ago. However, many business people have not kept pace with developments and many Australian business websites are not mobile-friendly, nor do they effectively work for their owners.

Social media has in fact become the major way in which billions of ordinary people participate online; this has been such a large shift that commentators and major personalities are describing social media as being  a ‘slang term for the current state of the internet’. In particular for social groups under 40 years of age. But even for the older members of our society social media participation is becoming ubiquitous. Social media in fact has been identified as being THE major agent of social and political change over the past 5 years.

The effect of social media has been recently experienced with phenomenon such as ‘Brexit’ & even the victory of ‘Trump’ in the USA presidential battles.

Regardless of your personal opinion concerning these outcomes, it is clear that the huge user presence on these social media platforms is resulting in shifts of thinking, the exchange of ideas and the dynamics of influence has massively shifted away from the ‘mainstream’ media outlets. So what does this mean for Australian business owners?

To describe every facet of digital promotion would result in a very large document, it would take a thick book to describe in detail the nature of:

  • Website Development
  • Video Productions
  • Text & Copy writing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Advertising Approaches
  • Email Marketing
  • Brand Building

Digital marketing is still very much in its infancy in our country, we have not had the same level of experience with it as northern hemisphere business, however it is clear that our country needs to catch up and begin doing business in the 21st Century.

Digital Marketing is gaining in popularity, and people have definitely become more aware of needing to learn how to use and leverage digital culture. Beyond owning a basic website and throwing up a Facebook page, digital marketing refers to not only technology, but ways of thinking and communicating also. The world is changing significantly, and Australia is very much a part of this world, we will be seeing much more involvement with digital in Australia from 2017, that much is obvious.