Social Media At Work

Opportunities for targeted exposure are at your fingertips

Seeing How Real People Actually Use Social Media

There are any amount of generic posts, all advising you to use social media, engage with people and all of that.

In this next series of digital articles I want to present real living examples of how different professional people approach using the opportunity of the digital channels open to us all; it is useful to actually take a look at just how professionals, business owners, organisations take up these communication opportunities, because it is all about communication in various formats & employing a little imagination. Rather than talk about ‘EQ’ and preach social media techniques let’s have a look at social media in action.

The first example is an American plastic surgeon who uses ‘SnapChat’ to open a window into his daily practice; he now has 1 million people following his schedule, not too shabby!

Ideas & Further Thoughts

This is one example of using a particular platform, it does not mean you have to use Snapchat, but it does illustrate that you do not need a big production team, you can use a modest camera (like the one in your phone or tablet) to gain real traction.

Not everyone likes video, or appearing in video but you have to admit this is interesting. In the pre-Internet days it would have taken a lot of money to get one million as an audience, and to gain the exposure this surgeon has garnered.  In the future articles we will take a look at how other real businesses are using one of the other social media platforms.