Trump & Clinton, Brexit What They Reveal For Us

Events From 2016 Confounded the ‘Experts’ Perhaps We Need To Review

‘Deplorable’ Or Just People Who Are Fed Up?*

It began with Brexit in the UK in July of this year. The polls were all saying the remain  camp would prevail, that only a few disgruntled old fogies would vote for exit of the European union. The propaganda machine was oiled up, and the narrative was powerfully broadcast, the establishment expected the masses to fall into line and remain in the EU.

Shock, the overwhelming result was to leave. This was not expected, it confounded all the experts, all the best brains of the establishment machine.

People in Britain wanted to regain their sense of nation, they are sick and tired of their country being disrespected, this is the tacit feeling so powerfully revealed in the results.  Britons are tired of being ruled by arrogant ideologues dispensing their ‘liberal’ platitudes from a distance. Of their economy being milked by plutocrats lurking among the un-elected corridors of power in Brussels. Once again this is the universal sentiment expressed.

Silent Majority Speaks

Brexit was the voice of the ‘silent majority’ – and the spirit of this is growing. Open borders and free movement sound great on paper, it is impressive for an undergraduate liberal arts essay; the reality in today’s climate of displaced millions from Libya, Syria, Iraq is very different. We can’t simply open all the borders in this climate -when ever has this been how countries manage their immigration?

The result of Secretary Clinton’s little project to oust Qaddafi, “We came, we saw, he died’ was an unmitigated disaster. Whatever the shortcomings of Qaddafi as a leader were, the outrageous murder and destruction of his government created a vacuum which was filled by the very worst elements of factions mobilized following the Iraq war. The covert games of tribal chess being played by the Pentagon faction, arming different groups to enable invisible manipulation of the political landscape.

To even begin to describe these activities would take far too long. Suffice it to say the fruits of Clinton’s actions are what we are seeing in Europe, USA & the UK, and to a smaller extent here in Australia.

The Mainstream V.S Online Alternatives

Trump was painted as being a racist, a misogynist and intolerant of minorities, this was the mainstream media’s message because he advocated being more discerning about ‘movements’ of people. If you actually take a close look at Trump’s policies they are nowhere near what these mainstream propaganda platforms were telling us all.

The caliber of journalism around the entire presidential campaign was appalling, it became obvious very early on that most of the mainstream media companies were plugging the Clinton cause-Trump was presented as being a ridiculous option. The people disagreed.

Examining just what has occurred in America & Britain can provide us with some very valuable insights. It is clear that people are not as manipulable, as pliable as the mainstream establishment considers. To label these outcomes as being the resurgence of ‘Conservative’ values would be simplistic, they represent something quite different, we can see that mainstream media has become irrelevant, despite its best attempts to influence the masses, something else was at work.

What is different? Well the internet has played an enormous role in allowing the exchange of information, of alternative narratives to be produced., and a slew of new media activities on YouTube, Facebook and other social media platforms has enabled people to form opinions independently to the usual outlets. We should not underestimate the power of this.

We need to understand just what is taking place in today’s world. And now we hear noises about ‘fake news’ – all of sudden these establishment types (Obama, CBS, NSNBC, BBC, & most of the corporate media companies & academics of the left) are labeling the internet alternative media as being not valid. Interesting! So the exercise of free speech can be grouped together as being a monolith of ‘conspiracy theory’, that is the other term being used to invalidate any alternative to the mainstream narrative-I think we have progessed a long way past this little ruse-we are wise to this.

Trump Used Social Media

Social Media has completely changed the flow of information, people are understanding that the authorities they once accepted without question are deeply flawed, they are subject to exactly the same tendency to bias and political influence as any other human venture. The ‘Mainstream’ has been outed as being just another narrative, just another avenue of political influence, and NOT the ‘official’ common sense position!

There is no such thing as purely ‘objective’ news. Everyone has a dependency on relationships. So the alternative media activities represent a new spirit of seeking truth. For those of us striving to communicate with specific audiences this Trump/Clinton outcome demonstrates that ‘Media’ is a powerful means of building our business image.

Trump is a skilled and practiced media entity. He knows that millions of people can be reached with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Instagram. We have had a lesson in internet marketing that we should pay a lot of attention to.

Regardless of your personal political leanings, whether you dislike Trump, or regret that Clinton lost – you need to be taking in the current landscape, we have seen something take place that confounds the ‘experts’. These are the same people who are offering you marketing advice, the same people building your websites and presenting their ‘expert’ content. They are wrong. Many of them simply don’t know what they are doing, they are very much like CBC, Time Warner, Newscorp. The mainstream got it terribly wrong because they are out of touch.

If you can recognize that your business can be presented like Trump presented his campaign you too can gain the leverage of social media. I don’t mean following his ideas (that is beyond any of our brief), I mean observing how the Trump organization used social media and the internet to give them access to millions and millions of people cheaply, and effectively – to stand alone is not always to be alone.

Trump did not win the presidency because of ‘mainstream media’-it was the internet which made the difference. Are you going to keep following those who are wrong, or are you ready to try something different? Contact me to discuss your new campaign. It is time to review how you promote yourself, Trump won the presidency of the United States -when everyone thought he hadn’t a chance, Britain voted to leave the European Union against all the odds – something is definitely changing in the world. You can bumble along with the usual expert advice, or you can go with a new breed agency!

* The political nature of this topic means that people will have variable ideas and opinions, this article simply deals with the phenomenon of recent events, the actual mechanisms by which they were made possible – and this very clearly is ‘Digital culture’.