Using Reviews Effectively

reviews for business
Taking Control Of The Review Process

In the current climate of local business you may have noticed that social media is taking a larger part in how people discuss their experiences, who they recommend (people do love to appear ‘in the know’) to others and how some people also seem to enjoy bashing local businesses with whom they might have cause to dislike, or feel aggrieved for some reason, well they certainly have more opportunity!

Facebook have those ‘Buy, Rent & Sell’ groups for nearly every city/town/community, 3rd party sites like ‘Yelp’, any number of other social media outlets which we are all frequenting more and more these days. Gaining even a small number of negative reviews can be extremely damaging for a local business, and this is often used as a reason why many business owners are reluctant to venture into using social media.

One way of taking control of this situation is to provide the means for people to leave you comments on your own business website, and indeed on your business pages for social media. This way you have the direct means to respond, but also you can keep the potential for negative comments in-house where you can deal with them directly.

One of the big advantages of using content management systems for your website  is that you can have direct access to the publishing process, platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, CMS enable us to upload articles, and manage a comments page – it is worthwhile looking at your options and taking a more consistent management approach with your online presence. Building an internal feedback process is certainly one way of mitigating the potential negative fall-out from social media which can often be unfair.